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ProteMac Meter 3.4.18


     Category: Network & Communications / Network Monitoring

Description of
ProteMac Meter
ProteMac Meter is a network traffic logger. It monitors and records all Internet and network activity on your Mac computers. ProteMac Meter is essential for maintaining a safe network and diagnosing network and Internet connections and speeds. Meter’s easy to read network traffic details make reporting a snap. Download a free trial version of ProteMac Meter today!

Key Features :

Displays real time network traffic usage
Displays real time network traffic summary
Displays real time network speed
Graphical network traffic details
Numerical network traffic details
Creates a log of each connection session
Records start/stop time, application, remote address/port, total transferred bytes and average speed
Generates network traffic statistics reports
View statistics by summary, or in daily, weekly or monthly formats
Alarms for traffic volume, application usage, bandwidth amount or time
Stopwatch to time downloads and transfer rates
User-friendly intuitive interface
Mac OS X
ProteMac Meter
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Author: ProteMac
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
File Size: 38.5 MB
Downloads: 27

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